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Abandoned Extensions


We know that there will always be various reasons when a user will no longer use their HH extension anymore. Some reasons can be equipment failure and you never got around to getting a replacement device; A user went SK; You started out on the experimental server, then moved to a primary server; You lost interest; Health reasons, etc.

In those instances where you are no longer using your HH extension, and you forgot to let us know, those extensions still remain on the server and take up valuable memory space, but are really just now an abandoned extension and thus, a waste of valuable resources.

30 Day Timeline

HH will periodically scan our networks for extensions that have no device registered on the system (a.k.a, an abandoned extension) and take action to reclaim (remove) dead/abandoned extensions. We are looking for extensions that have not had a device registered for more than 30 days. If your device has not been registered in more than 30 days, there's a good chance you've either never gotten it provisioned and gave up, or one of the reasons listed at the beginning of this article is in play.

Again, if we scan our networks and detect abandoned extensions, we will remove them so they are not a drain on server resources.


(1) If your phone does not seem to be correctly registering, we may have had some network changes since the last time you provisioned your phone. If that is the case, then please re-provision your phone so it can acquire any new network settings.

To re-provision your phone please go to our provisioning wiki menu at: Provisioning Guide List

Next, locate your model of endpoint and follow the provisioning instructions listed for that model.

(2) If your phones are used for emergency deployment and just sit in a closet, you will still need to pull them out and connect them to the internet and dial *51 (star five one) and listen to the server message so we know your phones are still being used. You should also perform this test once a month so we know your phones are active. Calling *51 will cause your phone to log that call and we can see it in your call history and know your phones are still being used.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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