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Common Questions From Users

Change of Email Address

I changed my email address. Do you need to know that ?

Absolutely. We use your email address to send you a notice when anyone leaves you a Voicemail message. If you changed your email address you won't get that notice, and our servers will also start encoring numerous “Failed Message” email bounces from your old email address. That just puts an unnecessary load on our servers as well as an unnecessary workload on our staff to track down you to get your correct email address.

Can I call "Regular" Phone Numbers

I keep hearing rumors that I can use Hamshack Hotline to call my regular home or office phone, and use my regular home or office phone to call my Hamshack Hotline Extension number. Is this true ?

No. That is a false rumor.

Hamshack Hotline is not connect to the PSTN (Regular Phone) system. You can't use your Hamshack Hotline extension number and call your house. And you can not take your traditional home phone and call your Hamshack Hotline extension number.

Hamshack Hotline is a PRIVATE voip phone system for Amateur Radio Operators (HAMS) only.

And remember, your Hamshack Hotline number is not a real phone number, even with 7-digits. It's just an extension number in our big Hamshack Hotline (metaphoric) building.

Custom BLF Display

On the BLF webpage, I see custom names, like “East Coast Reflector”.
Can I get a custom display for my RF extension or Audio Extension ?

Yes. Simply place a ticket with us. Let us know your RF extension number or Audio Extension number and what custom name you want added. We might have a question or two, but we usually can now accommodate adding some custom descriptions to the name fields

Can I get a "Ring Group" number

I see in the phone book where some users are part of a 'ring group'. Can a start a 'ring group' ?

No. We no longer support new Ring Groups. We will still support the existing Ring Groups for now, but even the existing Ring Groups may be dissolved at some future date.

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