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What First Name Should I Use

When you first create your account in the ticketing system, please use the first name that you want to be known by on Hamshack Hotline.

The first name you use, on your very first service ticket will then be the first name that will be used on Caller ID and in our Phone Book.

For example, if your legal first name is “Robert”, but you want to use the first name of “Bob”, then be sure to create your very first ticket using the first name of “Bob”.

It doesn't matter that “Robert” may be the official name that appears on your license. We will verify that you are a licensed amateur radio operator.

Please know that if you create a ticket account with a first name that you really don't want to use, it can't be changed after we enter it into our system. There are just too many places we have to change it and that is just too much extra work on our volunteers.

Thank you for your understanding.

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