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Supported Endpoints

What does “Supported” mean really? Here's the quick explanation:

While any SIP endpoint should technically work on all areas of the HH network, the difference between supported and all other endpoint type basically boils down to the support and provisioning experience you wish to have. ie. the “white glove” treatment, or the “go blaze your own trail” treatment.

What this basically means is that if you want to just “plug it in and have it work”, use a supported endpoint. If you're ok with tinker-foolery, frustration, and no HHOPS support, then use a non-supported endpoint on HHUX (our experimental sandbox) but please don't expect HHOPS to support you beyond creating your line and handing you credentials.


405HD, 440HD

Cisco / Linksys

WIP-310, SPA-112, SPA-122, SPA-232D, SPA-303, SPA-504, SPA-508, SPA-509, SPA-514, SPA-525G(2), SPA-941, SPA-942, SPA-962, SPA-2102

232D & 302D go together, that's the Cisco DECT cordless phone.


X3G, X3SG, X4U, X5U, X5U-R, X6U


VVX 201, VVX 310, VVX 350, VVX 401, VVX 410, VVX 411, VVX 500
SoundPoint IP 335
SoundStation IP 6000


Acrobits Groundwire Smartphone App - it's not a free app, but for a few bucks, it's the one that works best, and the only one officially supported by HHOPS.

Unsupported Endpoints

HHUX Only (for un-supported endpoints)

If you have an UNSUPPORTED model endpoint, then you would use our HHUX server. This is an experimental server for users who do not have a supported endpoint from the list above but still wish to experiment with getting that phone active on Hamshack Hotline.

3CX PBXs (Unsupported Trunks)

The reason behind this is that 3CX does not support the IAX stack. We only provide trunking over the IAX stack. Do not ask for a SIP trunk - it won't happen. If you really want to trunk to the HH network, you MUST use an Asterisk based PBX that has an IAX stack to use for trunking.

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