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AREDN & HH Calls

Special Note

PLEASE NOTE: Currently Hamshack Hotline only connects to the N2MH AREDN MeshPhone server / hub. If you are attempting to call from HH to an AREDN number, in order for the call to complete, the AREDN MeshPhone must also be peered to the N2MH system.

If you are an independent AREDN system (Not linked to N2MH) and want to also link with HH, please reach out to Bill / KG6BAJ so we can work to peer with your AREDN MeshPhone group.

Connecting to the AREDN MeshPhone system

If you want to use your HH phone to call a MeshPhone extension on the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN), simply dial 88 + the seven digit AREDN MeshPhone extension.

Enter it all as one number. Do not dial 88 and wait for a second dial tone.

For example, to dial the time server extension of the ARDEN server in Salem, Oregon (503-8192),
you would dial 885038192 as all one number.

For more information on AREDN, please visit

To see the AREDN Mesh Network Map, please visit

Connecting from AREDN to HH

MeshPhone → HH

1. Dial 78, wait for dial tone then dial the HH extension as follows:

If the HH extension is 3-digits long, dial 590-0xxx from MeshPhone where xxx is the 3-digit HH extension number. For example, HH extension 301 (Conference Bridge) is MeshPhone 590-0301

If the HH extension is 4-digits long, dial 590-xxxx from MeshPhone where xxxx is the 4-digit HH extension number. For example, HH extension 4508 (N2MH HH ext) is MeshPhone 590-4508

If the HH extension is 5-digits long, dial 59x-xxxx from MeshPhone where x-xxxx is the 5-digit HH extension number.
For example, HH extension 94000 (RF Extension) is MeshPhone 599-4000.

HH 10-digit extension numbers are not supported from MeshPhone to HH at this time.
7xxx Extensions are not supported, as Part 97 applies.

73, Mark, N2MH
MeshPhone: 973-2111
HH: 88-973-2111

Per @n2mh - mark - 4508#1409

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