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AREDN & HH Calls

Connecting to the AREDN MeshPhone system

If you want to use your HH phone to call a MeshPhone extension on the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN), simply dial 88 + the seven digit AREDN MeshPhone extension.

Enter it all as one number. Do not dial 88 and wait for a second dial tone.

For example, to dial the time server extension of the ARDEN server in Salem, Oregon (503-8192),
you would dial 885038192 as all one number.

For more information on AREDN, please visit

To see the AREDN Mesh Network Map, please visit

Connecting from AREDN to HH

MeshPhone → HH

1. Dial 78, wait for dial tone then dial the HH extension as follows:

If the HH extension is 3-digits long, dial 590-0xxx from MeshPhone where xxx is the 3-digit HH extension number. For example, HH extension 301 (Conference Bridge) is MeshPhone 590-0301

If the HH extension is 4-digits long, dial 590-xxxx from MeshPhone where xxxx is the 4-digit HH extension number. For example, HH extension 4508 (N2MH HH ext) is MeshPhone 590-4508

If the HH extension is 5-digits long, dial 59x-xxxx from MeshPhone where x-xxxx is the 5-digit HH extension number.
For example, HH extension 94000 (RF Extension) is MeshPhone 599-4000.

HH 10-digit extension numbers are not supported from MeshPhone → HH at this time.
7xxx Extensions are not supported, as Part 97 applies.

73, Mark, N2MH
MeshPhone: 973-2111
HH: 88-973-2111

Per @n2mh - mark - 4508#1409

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