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How to remove SMS from HamVOIP versions of AllStar

Courtesy Brad, N8PC

For HAMVOIP Edition of AllStar

Usually the fix is to add two (2) parameters to you rpt.conf file.

In your rpt.conf file, under the stanza for your node number [xxxxx] (where xxxxx is your actual node number), look for these two parameters and set as indicated. If these parameters don't exist, please add them to the bottom of your [xxxxx] stanza.


You will need to change the scripts from localplay in the line to playback or you will not hear what is going on

The lines below are examples found in the and on HamVOIP:

/usr/bin/asterisk -rx "rpt localplay 12345 /tmp/connect"

Change to:

/usr/bin/asterisk -rx "rpt playback 12345 /tmp/connect"

Change 12345 to your actual node number.

In most cases, that is all that is needed to remove the sms beacons from the voip phone call connection using the HAMVOIP version of the software.

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