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Warranty & Fitness

Hamshack Hotline, herein after referred to as “HH”, exists to provide in-network voip communications services to Amateur Radio Operators, the greater Ham community. In-network services are defined as services provided within the HH network and not to mean outbound and inbound termination services to destinations outside the HH network. HH makes no promises of availability, or uninterrupted carriage of communications, or availability of emergency services (ie. 911, etc). Conditions which could affect HH availability could be the result of disaster, denial of service attack, other cyber threats, or maintenance windows as needed. HH will not be held liable for any failure to provide communications carriage at any time or for any reason. By using, or continuing to use HH, you understand and agree to all terms herein. For real emergencies, please use traditional telecom services in the event of imminent danger to life and property. HH will always make the best possible effort to achieve high availability and quality standards, and we will always try to provide advance notice of any planned downtime due to maintenance requirements.

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