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Allowed Equipment

HHUS, HHEU, and HHAP allow only devices listed in our Supported Endpoints document to connect to the network, to assure trouble-free and reliable provisioning. All other non supported endpoints can be used on HHUX (Experimental). The HH Operator's Team (HHOPS) are a small group of volunteers who dedicate some of their personal time to administrative duties and we want to ensure their burden is kept as low as possible. To achieve this, we will maintain a list of supported equipment.

As of March 5, 2018, HHUS, HHEU, and HHAP will no longer provide SIP accounts solely for softphones. In all cases, a member must have a provisioned and connected hardphone on HHUS, HHEU, and HHAP network before HHOPS will allow that member to use a softphone on these listed servers (This does not apply to HHUX). The intention is to ultimately discourage the use of softphone-only users in general on the non-experimental network. The only exception to this is an IAX account issued solely for the purpose of trunking to another PBX that is member owned, in such case, the request will be granted by HHOPS.

A Note About End user PBX Trunks

We WILL NOT issue or provide support for SIP trunks. Anyone trunking into HH MUST do so via an IAX trunk - NO EXCEPTIONS! WE DO NOT SUPPORT 3CX for this reason. Please use an Asterisk based PBX and use IAX to interconnect to HH.

Security Note About PBX Trunks


Hamshack Hotline allows users to connect their PBX to our system with sole purpose for YOU ONLY (our direct HH customer) to place calls to HH extensions. However, you may not provide 3rd party carriage of call traffic via your trunk.

In other words, if your trunk allows others a means to connect or call into your PBX (from a source not HH) those callers are not allowed onto our system, as we have no means to positively identify them as a properly licensed amateur radio operator.

HH trunks fully support bi-directional traffic with this rule in mind. HH users may call your trunk to reach you. You, as an HH user, may use your trunk to call other HH users. You are not allowed to have others use your trunk to call HH users.

This is to eliminate the potential of unauthenticated traffic (we try to do our best to keep traffic compliant since we have interconnected RF systems - we take that responsibility very seriously).

Please note, that if at any time we detect that your trunk is in violation of this policy, we will terminate your trunk extension.

Also, as a safety valve, Trunks will not be allowed to access RF links anymore. We have had too many instances of Trunk owners allowing PSTN connected callers onto their Trunks, as well as other users that HH can not vet as licensed amateur radio operators. Because of this potential for non-licensed persons to access RF connections, we had to take steps to dis-allow it. So, yes, a few bad apples have spoiled it for all Trunk extensions.

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