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RF Linking via Arduino & ATA Devices

The Hamshack Hotline (HH) allows extensions to be tied to an RF connection to allow others to dial in and use the RF link.

Note that this does not enable Autopatch from the RF connection. This is a one way connection from the HH to your RF system, basically a reverse autopatch if you will.

Please note that users who request an RF extension MUST also already have an active HH voice extension so that in the event there is an issue with the RF extension, we can contact you.

Creating an RF Connection to HH

To create a connection to HH, you first need to have configured an Arduino Board to connect to an ATA device, as well as connect to your transmitter.

See the Arduino site here:

Once you have your Arduino board properly configured, you will need to request an extension through the HHOPS ticketing system. This can be reached at

Select the “RF-Link Request” from the drop-down Help Topic menu.

Because our RF Request template was originally designed for AllStar nodes, the template will ask you for:

  • Your AllStar Node Number.    Please enter 'Arduino'.
  • Your IAX2 Dial String.      Please enter 'Arduino'.

Once your extension is provisioned, you will be contacted with your extension number to test and make sure that you can connect to your node.

Because this is an RF extension, once your extension number is setup on our side, your extension will be prohibited from placing outbound calls. All Hamshack Hotline RF extensions will only allow inbound calls to the transmitter.

30 Days Inactive

Note that if this RF connection shows offline on our side for 30 days, the RF extension will be deleted. This action is designed to ensure that numbers are being utilized and therefore justified since they are a limited resource.

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