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Directory Search

General Configuration Information

While configuration terminology and format will vary, these can be used to configure most LDAP directory clients.

  • Server:
    • Hostname:
    • URL:
  • LDAP Version: 3
  • Use SSL: No - we do not support LDAPS, SSL, TLS, or StartTLS
  • Authentication/Bind
    • Authentication is not required. If given the option, choose None or No or Anonymous Bind.
    • If asked for Bind DN/User and/or Bind Password, both should be left blank.
  • Search Base DN:
  • Scope: sub
  • Search Filter
    • Some configurations, e.g. Cisco, only ask for attributes and build the filter for you. See available attributes below.
    • Some configurations, e.g. Snom, ask for a specially formatted search filter
      • Name Filter examples
        • Search name and callsign:
        • Search name, callsign, and city:
        • Search only callsign:
      • Number Filter example
        • Search HH phone number:
  • LDAP Display Name: displayName
    • May also need to include displayName in the LDAP Name Attributes
  • These attributes are searchable and can be used in an LDAP Filter
    • Name Attributes
      • name
      • givenName
      • callsign
      • cn - includes name and callsign
      • l - city (this is a lower case L)
      • st - state/province
      • c - country
    • Number Attributes
      • telephoneNumber
  • These attributes are useful for display
    • telephoneNumber
    • displayName - includes name and callsign, matches closely to HH Caller ID

Configuring Directory Search - Cisco Phones

Use these instructions to configure a Cisco phone to use the Hamshack Hotline LDAP directory.

From your phones web portal.

  • Click Admin Login » Advanced » Voice Tab » Phone Tab
  • Scroll down to LDAP Corporate Directory Search section.
  • Enter parameters as listed here. Any parameter not listed should be left blank.
  • In the LDAP Dir Enable: drop down list, choose yes.
  • In the LDAP Corp Dir Name: field enter:
    Hamshack Hotline
  • In the LDAP Server: field enter:
  • In the LDAP Auth Method: drop down list, choose None
  • In the LDAP Search Base: field enter:
  • In the LDAP First Name Filter: field enter:
  • In the LDAP Search Item 3: field enter:
  • In the LDAP Item 3 Filter: field enter:
  • In the LDAP Search Item 4: field enter:
  • In the LDAP Item 4 Filter: field enter: (Note: this is a lower case L)
  • In the LDAP Display Attrs: field enter:
    a=displayName,n=Caller ID;a=telephoneNumber,n=Phone,t=p;a=callsign,n=Callsign;
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Sumit All Changes.
  • Your phone will reboot.

Using Directory Search (SPA514G)

  • Press the dir virtual button, and you will be taken to the phones Directory sub-menu.
  • Select the Hamshack Hotline directory.
  • Using the D-pad and number pad using multitap, enter your search criteria.
  • The criteria entered will be used in a “contains” search.
  • If multiple fields are entered, the search must match all (AND).
  • Searches returning more than 20 entries will result in an error.
  • Press the submit virtual button.
  • Scroll through the results using the D-pad.
  • Press the detail virtual button to see the selected entry.
  • Press the dial virtual button call the number for the selected entry.
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