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Monitoring Of Communications

HH and the HHOPS team reserve the right to monitor the communications of HH members with or without notice. Such monitoring could result for any of the following reasons:

  1. System maintenance & troubleshooting
  2. Investigations of complaints
  3. As may be required by Law Enforcement
  4. Other compliance related reasons

That said, we would caution all HH members to be mindful of this. HH or HHOPS will operate by a code of respect & trust. That being said, anything overheard will never be disclosed to any other party, unless required by Law, and only in those circumstances. In this way, we operate like any other telecom network. In the event that a member of the HHOPS team is found to not operate within this code of trust and confidentiality, such HHOPS team member will be immediately removed from the HHOPS team.

We hope you find HH useful and fun, and HHOPS will work to ensure that HH works for you and your Amateur Radio organization. Thank you for being a part of HH!

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