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Vanity Numbers

We get asked all the time if someone can get a vanity extension number. The bottom line answer is No.

There are several reasons we don't issue vanity extension numbers.

  • The beginning digits you want don't correspond to the server you're assigned to
  • The number happens to have already been assigned to someone else randomly
  • We issue numbers sequentially and track the number assignments. Your vanity number would cause a huge headache to the team tracking assignments, as your vanity number would not be in any logical order to the team
  • The number just happens to be a special service number not authorized to be assigned to a regular user
  • You requested a 7xxx number that is reserved for audio streaming services only
  • You requested a 94xxx number that is reserved for RF linking services only

These are but just a few of the reasons we do not issue vanity extension numbers. But, this list is not all-inclusive.

Thank you for your understanding.

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