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SMS Interference Policy

It will be the responsibility of all Node owners to ensure there is no harmful interference to Hamshack Hotline users in order to be allowed to have an RF extension on our system.

This means that if SMS beacons are detected on your RF extension coming back across to HH users, then service to your RF extension will interrupted. HH support staff are under no obligation to notify you if your RF extension is non-operational. It is up to the node owners to know if their connection is not operational.

Further, in accordance with our 30-day policy if your RF extension is off-line for 30-days or longer, your RF extension will be removed.

Some of the add-on programs that cause SMS beacons can be ALLMON, SUPERMON, DV-SWITCH, and the use of 'CALLER-ID' parameters in your HH-Stanza to us.

The bottom line is that it is your responsibility to make sure you have a clean connection.

If you don't care enough to maintain a clean connection, then we can not permit you to have a faulty node on our network.

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