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New Conference Bridges Policy

The purpose of this Document is to lay out our policy and procedures and uses of our Public and Private Conference Bridges. These new guidelines are to help streamline and make better use of our resources.

New lineup of HHUS Public Bridges:

300 – HHOPS (Private)305 – Public 5
301 – Public 1 306 – Public 6 (ARES 1*)
302 – Public 2 307 – Public 7 (ARES 2*)
303 – Public 3 308 – Public 8 (SKYWARN 1*)
304 – Public 4 309 – Public 9 (SKYWARN 2*)

New lineup of HHEU Public Bridges:

48001 – Public 1
48002 – Public 2
48003 – Public 3
48004 – Public 4 (Emergency 1*)
48005 – Public 5 (Emergency 2*)

Special Note: Bridges marked with an asterisk (*) denote the traffic type specified in the parenthesis has priority on that bridge, if needed.

Rules for Obtaining a Private or Special Event Bridge

To request a Special Event Conference you will need to submit a ticket in our Helpdesk and we will issue you an Admin and User PIN to use the room for a period not to exceed 2 weeks. After that we will remove the special event bridge.

All requests for private bridges will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a verifiable club.
  2. Club callsign to be used if one is active.
  3. Club must have at least 5 members with verifiable HH extensions.
  4. Must outline a justified reason to have a Private Bridge. (Example: Club handles ROUTINE learning or tactical needs.)
  5. Justifications must be verifiable.

Bridge Removal Policy

It will be the HH policy to remove any private bridge that has been inactive 90 days or longer, and it will be deleted without further notice. Private bridges, when granted, are for 'routine use' and if your bridge has not been used in over 90 days, it is deemed inactive by policy. Any bridge removed for non-use, will not be eligible to re-apply for another bridge for a period of 60 days.

Public bridges that have not been used in over 90 days, may be removed as well. It will be up to the HH engineering team to determine which unused public bridges should be deleted.

This policy is meant to keep unused bridges from taking up valuable server resources that could be allocated for other needs. Each and every bridge on our system is loaded into the servers memory at load time, and so unused bridges just sit there chewing away at the memory that really needs to be available for call quality. An excellent call quality experience is our top priority, so we must make sure unused bridges are removed to assist in maintaining that excellent call quality.

Conference Bridge Commands - Leader and Joiner

Conference Bridge Commands:

When you're in a conference, you have sub commands available to you during the conference. These command are available by pressing the * (star) key.

The commands for a LEADER are:
1. Mute / Un-mute yourself
2. Lock / Unlock the Conference
3. Eject the last joiner
4. Decrease Conference Volume
5. Decrease Your Volume
6. Increase Conference Volume
7. Increase Your Volume
8. Exit

The commands for a User/Joiner are:
1. Mute / Un-mute yourself
4. Decrease Conference Volume
5. Decrease Your Volume
6. Increase Conference Volume
7. Increase Your Volume
8. Exit

Club Bridges Ownership

Effective 12/7/2022, any bridge that is for a club, will de-facto become owned by the club. If the 'responsible party' voluntarily leaves the club, or if the club reaches out to HH and requests the 'responsible party' be changed, HH will follow the wishes of the club in regards to the listed/published 'responsible party' for the club bridge.

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