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I Get No Incoming Calls On My Trunked PBX

If you requested a trunk or number for your PBX, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • HHOPS only provides interconnection credentials. We do not support your PBX - that responsibility rests with you to consult the documentation for your PBX.
  • When you configure the trunk to HH on your PBX, and you find you can make calls out to other HH numbers, be aware that's only HALF the battle! You must also:
    • Create an inbound route to handle incoming calls. This instructs your PBX how to handle them - again, consult your PBX docs.
    • Optionally: create an IVR (Interactive Voice Menu) or default destination for calls processed by your inbound route.
    • Optionally: create a dialplan to access numbers on the HH network, ie. dial 9, then the XXX, XXXX, XXXXX, or XXXXXXXXXX number.
    • Setup voicemail boxes for each extension on our PBX (if desired).

Running your own PBX allows you to use whatever endpoints you like and permits a lot more flexibility in call handling. The trade-off for this increased versatility is a much steeper voip learning curve. You are welcome to use google & ask questions on our Discord server to other members, but HHOPS will not be providing support for PBX configurations since that's not the primary goal mission on HH, even though we welcome PBX interconnection.

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