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Using HH With Satellite Internet

Due to the nature by which satellite internet systems operate and the high latencies involved (typically as high as 1000ms to 1500ms, HH may very well never work properly over satellite based internet circuits.

This has nothing to do with the way HH is configured, but everything to do with the physics involved in satellite data transmission.

We're very sorry but HHOPS will not support any endpoints that attempt connection over satellite internet links.

If you attempt to connect your HH phone to our servers via a satellite ISP, you are entirely on your own and without support.

If you are using SpaceX's Starlink satellite service, latencies are generally below 200ms on Starlink (at the worst, from some reports we've seen). You can let HHOPS know how well your HH line works over Starlink. We'd love to know!

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