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HH Feature Code Not Working

(Author: Bill/KG6BAJ)

Hamshack Hotline implements some common PBX feature codes.

Our Feature Codes Are Listed Here

Most VOIP phone may also have some predesignated Feature Codes. An issue can arise if your phone is using the same feature code we use on our servers.

For example, on Cisco phones, the default Call Park Code is *68 (star-six-eight). But on our server, *68 is the Feature Code for Hotel Style Wake-Up Calls.

What happens is that your phone detects you entering the code and if that code already exists in the phone, the phone will attempt to perform what ever feature it was designated for, and the phone will not pass that code onto the server.

If the Feature Code you dialed does not preexist in the phone, the phone will pass that code onto the server for the server to use, assuming that code also exists in the server.

So, what does someone do if the code you want on the server already exists in your phone?

Well, if your phone has a graphical user interface menu (GUI) system that you can access via a web browser, you might be able to locate the code in your phone and change it to a code not already in use by your phone.

Let's use the example above of the *68 code. It preexists in the Cisco phones for the Call Park code, as well as in our server for Wake-Up calls.

On the Cisco SPA-525, you would need to go to:


where x.x.x.x is the LAN IP address of your phone.

Then click the REGIONAL tab.

Then scroll down to the Vertical Service Activation Codes section.

Then look for the Call Park Code: line and you'll see it says *68.

If you change the code there to something not in use by your phone (say.. *38) and save your settings, you can now call *68 and be connected to our servers Wake-Up Call service.

As a footnote, if you do change your phones existing code, look for a matching code that is the reverse function.

In our example, we changed the code of Call Park. The Cisco phone also has a code for Call Un-Park.

In the Cisco phone the default Un-Park code is *69.

In our example above, since we changed the Park code from *68 to *38 as a good rule we should then also change the Un-Park code from *69 to *39 so the set of codes are sequential. That's just good practice.

You can use this set of examples to change other codes in your phone that may be in conflict with our servers codes.

On some makes of phones it might not be possible to alter codes assigned by your phone, so your mileage may vary.

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