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My Phone Stopped Working

A yellow light or loss of dial-tone can occur due to the following causes:

  • Degraded or lost internet connectivity
  • Restrictive firewall rules
  • HH Maintenance Window (servers under maintenance)
  • Incorrect credentials
  • High latency (>= 400ms)
  • IP blocking (which can be caused if you disturb your login credentials in the phone)

Some possible solutions to try before opening a ticket:

  • Reboot your cable modem then your router
  • Check connecting network cables
  • Review firewall rules. Ensure your phone can get OUT.
  • If all fails, try placing your Phone in the DMZ of your network, and test (DO NOT leave it in the DMZ, this is just for troubleshooting!)
  • If HH is doing maintenance, we will do our best to announce it ahead of time, but check the Discord group for announcements.
  • Reboot your phone
  • Re-provision your phone

If re-booting your router doesn't fix the issue, then you can print out the Troubleshooting Worksheet below to help you.

Troubleshooting Worksheet

1. What is your computer's Local IPv4 Address? ______.______.______.______
(In Windows, Bring up a Command Prompt window (Accessories>Command Prompt) and type “ipconfig”)

2. What is you computer's default gateway? (same screen) ______.______.______.______

3. Is your computer connected by WIFI or Network Cable { } Cable { } Wifi
Note that WIFI connections are not as secure, so some routers restrict functionality to network resources when your computer is on WiFi.

4. Make/Model of IP-phone : _____________________________

5. MAC address of IP-phone : _____________________________________

6. Use a cable to connect the phone to your router, and once the phone boots up see if you can find the IPv4 address that the phone has booted up with. Press the Menu button, and look under “Network Settings” or similar. It usually is one of the last menu items.

If you can find it, enter it here : ______.______.______.______

7. What is Your Public IP address (Go to to get the IP information) : ______.______.______.______

8. If you browse to your gateway address (Step 2 above), can you access your router? Y N

9. Can you login to your router? {standard username is 'admin'} Y N

10. If you can login, can you find the list of attached devices?

11. Look for the phone on the “list of attached devices”. Did you find it ? Y N
Write it here : _______________________

12. In many browsers you can highlight text in your browser just like in a document and copy it to the clipboard.

Highlight the text of the attached devices, hold down CTRL and press “C”, then open an instance of notepad and paste the clipboard in. Save this file as “AttachedDev.txt”

13. Do the numbers in Step 6 and Step 10 Match?

You can download this worksheet here“ Download Worksheet

If all else fails, open a support ticket and someone will help you.

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