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Article Now Archived

This article appears to no longer be valid. Hamshack Hotline engineering upgrades seem to have provided a solution to this issue.

Around a year ago T-Mobile starting blocking UDP port 5060 and held it in reserve for their own use. This meant T-Mobile users couldn't get on the HH service. So, we suggested users either us a VPN, or change port numbers.

Then all the other carriers started doing the same “UDP 5060” port reserving.

So, we added TCP connections as an option. Now all new provisioning we do is with TCP set as the transport.

This means we can remove the wiki warning regarding Charter / Spectrum users, as our new TCP method is by-passing their UDP block.

(Archived) Charter / Spectrum ISP Warning

Hamshack Hotline has been receiving more and more service tickets from Charter / Spectrum customers, for intermittent drop-outs, where your phone will stop registering and not work for a few minutes, then start working again. This cycle repeats through out the day.

If Charter / Spectrum is your ISP, they have recently begun blocking VOIP port UDP 5060, the standard port for VOIP phones. (They only want it used with “Their” VOIP service“)

One fix we've had success with is to manually change your HH default VOIP port from UDP 5060 to UDP 5065.

Below are the instructions for a Cisco Model phone. (Your instructions may be slightly different for a non Cisco phone)

To do this, go into your phones GUI. You'll also need to be in the ”Admin - - Advanced“ menu.

Go to the ”Ext 1“ tab (We're assuming you have your HH ext on line button #1 of the phone)

Scroll down to ”SIP Settings“. On the ”SIP Port“ setting, change it from 5060 to a new value of 5065.

Scroll to the bottom and click ”Submit all changes“.

Wait for phone to re-boot.

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