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Cisco SPA-500 Series Sidecar Setup & Speed Dial Setup

Important Notes

Note 1: The Sidecar PDF also contains the correct syntax for setting up SPEED-DIAL buttons

Note 2: If you want to use TWO sidecars, they must be matching model numbers. Either two 500S models, or two 500DS models. You can not use one of each.

Note 3: Even if you do NOT have a sidecar attached to your Cisco phone, you will still need to go to:


where       x.x.x.x       is the LAN IP address of your phone, and then click the ATT CONSOLE tab and make sure the SERVER TYPE setting is set to Asterisk.

Failing to do so will cause erratic speed dial behavior or speed dial button failure.

Downloadable PDF & Excel Files

To correctly setup your SPA-500 series sidecar, download and read the SPA-500 Sidecar PDF file for instructions.

The PDF file can be downloaded here: spa-500_sidecar.pdf

For users of the “S” edition (SPA-500S), download the Excel template to use for printing out the middle paper sheet that identifies what you have programmed into each button.

The Excel file can be downloaded here: spa500_s_sidecar_template.xls

Regular Speed Dial Setup

If you want to configure a speed dial button, the following is an example of the syntax:

Example, you want to program a speed dial button to call conference bridge 301 / Public 1

fnc=sd;ext=301@$PROXY;nme=Public 1

Conference Bridge Speed Dial with auto PIN Number

If you want to add a speed dial to a private conference, and also have that speed dial automatically enter the required PIN number, this is possible.

The syntax is almost the same as a regular speed dial, except you have to add a single space right after the bridge number, followed by two commas, followed by the PIN number.

Example: If we wanted to dial private conference bridge number 9999 and the PIN number for that bridge was 1234, then your speed dial syntax would look like this:

fnc=sd;ext=9999 ,,1234@$PROXY;nme=Private Bridge

Please note that extremely important SINGLE SPACE right after the extension number of 9999.

Each comma adds a 2 second delay before entering the final PIN number via DTMF. If for any reason, the two commas are not enough, just add another comma.

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