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Configuring the Acrobits Groundwire App

The downloadable guide will walk you through setting up Acrobits Groundwire.

This guide assumes you have already requested and received the information you will need for configuration. If you have not, you need to submit a ticket for a Softphone Request

The screen shots are on an Android device. iPhone screen may vary slightly, but settings should match up.

You might also find the following video clip helpful: Demo Video

Download the PDF guide here: Configuring the Acrobits Groundwire App

Softphone Policy

We no longer permit new softphone registrations on the HH (Hamshack Hotline) primary network servers (HHUS / HHEU / HHAP) without an active hard phone first. By our definition, soft phones are anything except:

  • PBX
  • Hardware Phones (brand is largely unimportant, so long as they support PJSIP, but we do have a recommended list)
  • Any device that remains “on line” 24/7 and shows registered in our system at all times.

If you are looking to be on Hamshack Hotline with just a softphone only, you are allowed to do that on either of the two experimental servers (HHX /HHUX) without having a hard phone.

There are no exceptions to this policy. If you have an active hard phone already on the HH network, please reply with your existing HH number and we'll be happy to provision a softphone assignment for you.

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