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Cisco SPA-514 CW Ringtones

(Author Unknown)

These are the steps I used to make a custom CW ringtone for my Hamshack Hotlinephone, a Cisco SPA-514G. The utility I used (see below) should work on other models. This isn’t an officially supported feature of Hamshack Hotline, so modify at your own risk.

  • Choose your speed, frequency and enter the text you want in CW.
    • I used 20wpm, 700hz
    • I used a classic ‘CQ’, ‘CQ HH’ for an alternate line and also just ‘HH’ since they made for nice ringtones
  • Press the ‘Convert to Morse Code’ button
  • When it’s finished you’ll see a link under ‘Conversion Result:’
    • You can play it at this point in your browser to make sure it meets your expectation
  • Download the converted Morse Code Audio file
    • Right click>Save link as
    • If/when you played it you probably had an option to download it then
    • Make note of where you downloaded it
      • My browser defaults to C:\Downloads
  • Unzip the file
    • You’ll get ringtone.exe
  • Run ringtone.exe
    • You’ll need to know the IP address of your phone
      • Goto the Menu>Network>Current IP
  • Enter your phone’s IP address and press OK
    • Your computer’s IP address should have been detected automatically
  • Next to the ‘Source’ click ‘Browse’
    • Goto the directory that you saved your converted Morse Code Audio file in
    • Select the audio file you want to load
    • Click Open
  • Click ‘Load Source File’
  • Preview the file to make sure it sounds right
  • Provide the Ring Tone Name
    • I used CQ, CQHH and HH respectively
    • Spaces were removed when loaded to the phone when I included them in the name
  • Choose the Target
    • Ring Tone 1 or 2 were the options in my on my phone
  • Upload To Phone
    • Wait until success then press OK
  • Close ringtone.exe
  • Press the menu button on your phone
  • Select Ringtone
  • Choose which extension you want to change
  • Scroll down and press select for the ringtone you just uploaded!
  • Press the menu button again to return your phone to normal use.
  • All done, enjoy!
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