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 +====== Charter / Spectrum ISP Warning ======
 +Hamshack Hotline has been receiving more and more service tickets from <font inherit/inherit;;#ffa500;inherit>Charter / Spectrum</font> customers, for intermittent drop-outs, where your phone will stop registering and not work for a few minutes, then start working again. This cycle repeats through out the day.
 +If <font inherit/inherit;;#ffa500;inherit>Charter / Spectrum</font> is your ISP, they have recently begun blocking VOIP port UDP <font inherit/inherit;;#ffa500;inherit>5060</font>, the standard port for VOIP phones. (They only want it used with "Their" VOIP service")
 +One fix we've had success with is to manually change your HH default VOIP port from UDP <font inherit/inherit;;#ffa500;inherit>5060</font> to UDP <font inherit/inherit;;#ffa500;inherit>5065</font>.
 +Below are the instructions for a Cisco Model phone. (Your instructions may be slightly different for a non Cisco phone)
 +To do this, go into your phones GUI. You'll also need to be in the "<font inherit/inherit;;#ffa500;inherit>Admin - - Advanced</font>" menu.
 +Go to the "<font inherit/inherit;;#ffa500;inherit>Ext 1</font>" tab (We're assuming you have your HH ext on line button #1 of the phone)
 +Scroll down to "<font inherit/inherit;;#ffa500;inherit>SIP Settings</font>". On the "<font inherit/inherit;;#ffa500;inherit>SIP Port</font>" setting, change it from <font inherit/inherit;;#ffa500;inherit>5060</font> to a new value of <font inherit/inherit;;#ffa500;inherit>5065</font>.
 +Scroll to the bottom and click "<font inherit/inherit;;#ffa500;inherit>Submit all changes</font>".
 +Wait for phone to re-boot.
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